Brandon McDermott Band’s New Release CD “Mile Marker Zero,” Hits the Mark!

Brandon McDermott Band’s new release CD “Mile Marker Zero,” hits the mark of full-on star status

The sunrise and sunsets in Galveston, Texas seem to have the magic to turn everything golden. The Brandon McDermott Band has captured that gold with their just released new CD “Mile Marker Zero.” Well known throughout all of Texas and especially throughout the Gulf Coast and Galveston area, Brandon and friends are a pure treasure found on the island. Just ask the girls at Yaga’s and other Houston, Galveston spots…smitten is the word.

Brandon McDermott and his band are such a down to earth and humble group… “I think people come out to our shows because we play fun music that they can identify with. We’re not trying to change the world with the songs we play. We just play songs that are fun to drink beer and dance too,” McDermott says. I’m not sure if they even know how powerful they are becoming in the music industry. There seems to be a powerful new strength and confidence in the songs on “Mile Marker Zero,” Emotional, yet with the guts, triumph and determined survival in each song.

The sound is unmistakably, so the Brandon McDermott Band has truly come to point that is not zero, but strong and getting stronger with each song. They have come from soft ballads and comfortable zones, stepping out and barreling with a new fire that is bound for Texas Country Music glory! "I like to think our brand of music is could best be described as a river of invaluable information spoken at just the right temperature for skinny dipping", says lead guitar player John Metyko.

The release party is at Galveston’s favorite restaurant, venue and party spot, Yaga's on Oct. 8th at 10pm. The record is a full length studio album titled "Mile Marker Zero". After that show it will be available on CDBaby and ITunes and all of their shows. Check the new CD, full of our favorite singles from Brandon and band, and sparkling with new songs to make “Mile Marker Zero” a compilation of “must have” Texas Country Music releases! "The Brandon McDermott Band is no longer just a one night stand, although we don't mind bearing that title sometimes. Our first studio album debut will provide your BMB fix day or night. No need to wait for the weekend shows, now y'all can have us with you around the clock on your iPod dock”, jokes drummer Broc Adams.

The band is made up of Brandon McDermott - lead vocals, rhythm guitar; John Metyko - lead guitar; Clark Duhon – bass; Broc Adams - drums, backup vocals. And if you hear the magic made between these ultra-talented musicians, you have been hooked on Brandon and friends!

The new CD “Mile Marker Zero” has definitely hit the mark for the Brandon McDermott Band in the Texas Country Music’s circle of greats! Not that they weren’t pretty much there anyway!

It is a masterpiece of the best songwriting and seamless genius of mixing Red Dirt Road with Gulf Coast rhythms of the waves, showing Brandon and band’s giant leap to an entire new, smooth and ultra professional level. From hard rockin strength to bittersweet memories, “Mile Marker Zero” is everything you could want. "There is a definitive honesty to the songs... a been there done that (why do you think I'm drinking?) quality.” says Duhon.

On “Mile Marker Zero” the melody and harmony of the song “I’ve Been Here Before,” sings of lost feelings that we’ve all felt. When will the other shoe drop? Is the emptiness never going to end? Yes, I’ve been there before too, and so have most of us. John Metyko’s lead guitar lends the perfect sound of sadness to this song. “When You Were Mine,” reminds us that we missed something very special in a relationship – too true. Again the vocals and guitars and drums give this song strength that seems to say “I told you so!” Love that one too!

“Out There,” rocks with a truth that rings true for a hung-over mess of a girl and a love that just doesn’t get it! It has a gritty, strong sound and again strength in being through the same old situation and bravely breaking chains! A wonderful lead guitar and vocal mastery by Brandon and his band. It’s a seaside mantra that is filled with strength and breaking free. Oh, yeah, these guys are no one’s fool.

And it’s very clear that they are true to their own experiences… which has always defined Brandon and friends’ band. Some tongue in cheek, some of the deepest emotion and from center of their hearts. As songwriters, Brandon and his band are absolutely true storytellers of our lives! Just listen to “Forbidden Love,” we’ve been there…and the story is told with all the emotion and energy of a strong man who knows the limits. And of “Lonely Girl” we could only dream of Brandon noticing the lonely girl in all of us and being the knight in shining armor coming to save us!

You can immediately hear the talent and energy in this CD. great lyrics with a story to tell, amazing vocals from Brandon (and his impeccable rhythm guitar talents extraordinaire), include drummer who won’t let you sit still, Broc Adams, Clark Duhan rocking upright bass and bass guitar virtuoso, add John Metyko on his star-making lead guitar and there you have it – one of the most talented, rocking, sought after bands around!

And we do love our Galveston natives, Brandon McDermott and his band and the passion for this group spreads all over Texas! His songs range from Country Red Dirt Road, Country Jazz, Swing and definitely rock. The band has played all over Houston and points beyond, as fans stream after them. With these numbers of fans, venues in Texas also know the draw that the Brandon McDermott Band can bring!

After seeing Brandon and his band a few times, it is very clear that they have a firm grasp on the Country Music shooting star and a firm grasp and knowledge on what we fans want! I’ve heard it, I know it, and I believe it – they are diamonds and are destined to be one of Country Music’s great bands. Galveston, you should be proud that you raised such great talent!

Brandon McDermott and his band members dedicatedly and proudly focus on three things “writing and playing good Texas Music, putting on a fun show, and sneaking Will Ferrell quotes into the opening paragraph of their bio!” And in this same way, they put on a spectacular live show which is a trip to having more fun than you can imagine (unless you’ve already been there, then you can imagine and remember for a long, long time and will keep coming back for more.) And we fans leave, against our wishes (Brandon and group can’t play 24/7 to us, guys!) because Brandon McDermott and his band have left us feeling euphoric and wanting more and more and we’ll travel anywhere to see and hear them again!

Listen to the Brandon McDermott Band at:



Release party at Galveston’s favorite restaurant and party spot

Yaga's on Oct. 8th @ 10pm.

2314 Strand Street, Galveston, TX 77550-1567 (409) 762-6676


Sherry Jane Cook
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