Mile Marker Zero - Brandon McDermott Band


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Brandon McDermott Band: Keeping It “Texas County” Real
Galveston favorite, Brandon McDermott Band will be playing around the island in the next few months. If you haven’t had the chance to hear them, this is a Red Dirt-kinda night that you will enjoy. We recently had the chance to speak with him about playing music, where his Texas country roots came from, and how life is going. [Read More...]
Brandon McDermott Band’s New Release CD “Mile Marker Zero,” Hits the Mark!
The sunrise and sunsets in Galveston, Texas seem to have the magic to turn everything golden. The Brandon McDermott Band has captured that gold with their just released new CD “Mile Marker Zero.” Well known throughout all of Texas and especially throughout the Gulf Coast and Galveston area, Brandon and friends are a pure treasure found on the island. [Read More...]